Galloway Craft Guild

Galloway Craft Guild

galloway craft guildFounded in 1977 the Galloway Craft Guild embraces a whole range of craft work from its members. The showcase of the Guild is the Galloway Craft Guild Shop in Castle Douglas. If you are looking for a gift or something special for yourself this is the place to see and purchase the work of more than 60 local craft workers .

Jewellery - A wide range of exquisite and stylish jewellery from our talented members.

Pottery - A fine selection of pottery from egg cups and carved woodwork to walking sticks

Needlework - attractive examples of our members' work always on sale.

Dolls - Beautifully made and dressed dolls in a variety of styles

galloway craft guildPaintings - A wide choice of paintings depicting locals scenes and other subjects.

galloway craft guildGreeting Cards & Photographs - Hand crafted cards and framed photographs capturing the beauty of the Galloway Landscape as well as charming individual cards for all occasions.

Leatherwork - The art of decorative leatherwork is shown to advantage in a range which covers belts and handbags.

galloway craft guildOther Arts & Crafts - A wide choice of other crafts available, both traditional and modern, makes the Galloway craft Guild Shop a fine place for exploring

0pen times Monday to Saturday 11am to 15;00pm sunday closed                                                                             Major debit and credit cards accepted.

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