Gretna Green Famous Blacksmiths Shop

Gretna Green Famous Blacksmiths Shop

gretna green famous blacksmiths shopGretna Green famous blacksmith shop is a place that will always be associated with fuelled passions, but these days the village provides an altogether different type of passion…

Gretna Green famous blacksmith shop We're talking about the kind of all-consuming passion that the discerning shopaholic experiences when they find the perfect cashmere sweater or designer handbag with a price tag that simply cannot be ignored…

Yes, there is no doubting that Gretna Green famous blacksmith shop is a shopper's paradise - and the exciting range of stylish brands to be found at Gretna Green Famous Blacksmiths Shop ensures that even though you may not be eloping, your pulse will most certainly be racing!

The layout of the shopping features is charming, with quaint cottage-style buildings surrounding a courtyard and sculpture garden. gretna green famous blacksmiths shop

As well as a Foodhall selling delicious local produce and Scottish delicacies; a place to sample and buy whiskies from all across Scotland and a beautiful home-style shop, the main shopping outlet will amaze!  Step through the doors of this 'cottage' and be prepared for a surprise as a vast shopping area extends out in front of you.

You are met by an array of colours and designs and you are immediately transported into a world of retail therapy!  This shopping feature is definitely boutique but on a bigger scale and with lots of choice!

gretna green famous blacksmiths shopThere's a fabulous range of products, including many top brand names such as Hunter, Barbour, Harris Tweed and Lyle & Scott alongside the company's very own range: the Gretna Green Collection.

In addition there's a delightful array of unusual products from independent designers and manufacturers from all over the UK and overseas. The shopping environment is full of character with unusual displays, quirky fixtures and fittings: in a sense a retail work of art.  This is a shop where sleek meets quirky.

Gretna green Famous Blacksmiths Shop, situated at the heart of Gretna Green village, is the world-famous, historic home of the anvil wedding and has been at the centre of runaway love, since the Marriage Act of 1754. Built, in 1713 - as a traditional Blacksmith's Shop which it continued to be for over 100 years more - as the first stop over the border it soon became the go-to wedding destination for runaway lovers. Young couples looking to marry without their parent's consent.

A symbol of enduring love and a truly unique and spine-tinglingly romantic place to wed, as you stand amidst over 260 years of history, you too can be a part of the unbroken thread of love that is woven throughout this magical Scottish wedding venue.

Choose to marry in one of our three marriage rooms within the Famous Blacksmiths Shop, including the Original Marriage Room, where the Anvil Wedding began, all those years ago; the Rennison Room, named for the last 'Anvil Priest' or the old Saddlery Room.

Let the history and enchantment of young lovers fleeing to Gretna Green, capture your heart, and choose to marry in the Famous Blacksmiths Shop

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