Cream O Galloway


Indulge in luxurious dairy Cream o' Galloway Ice Cream, tuck into tasty Ethical Dairy Cheeses and enjoy lots and lots of deliciously good fun at our award winning Visitor Centre.

Cream o' Galloway is a deliciously good fun place to visit. With its woodland adventure playground including the fabulously bouncy 'Go Boing', indoor visitor centre and play areas, daily events, exciting slides, rides and pedal kart track, and its miles of beautiful walks and nature trails to explore in Galloway's scenic countryside.

Bring your little ones to our new Mini Play Zone where they can bounce, scoot, climb, explore and pedal to their hearts' content!

Drop Slide
You’ll be tentatively sitting at the top of the slide... waiting... waiting...plucking up courage before hurtling down this vertical Drop Slide. You’ll feel the wind rushing past as you plummet downwards.

Having started upright you slide downwards and forwards, coming to a rest in a safe horizontal position. The sensory experience of the Drop Slide makes the 5 second plunge feel much, much longer. Go on, we dare you to try!

Unlimited use of the Drop Slide is included within the Full o' Fun ticket.

Pedal Karts
Sitting back, low to the ground, pedalling fast, through the tunnel, up a slope, pedalling hard, too hard perhaps, hairpin bend – arrgghh!!!

Our pedal karts and adventure track is hugely popular with visitors of all ages, and the challenge of the multi-storey track makes for an exhilirating experience. The speed of the karts when you’re sitting in them will probably take you by surprise which is why we insist on a full safety briefing before you start your ride. We’ll show you where the brake is and how it works and we'll make sure the kart is set up perfectly for you.

The karts are a staffed activity, which means they are only open during weekends and UK school holidays. Each ride is limited to 15 minutes after which you are free to book another time slot. Fifteen minutes might not sound long but after that length of time you really do need a breather!

The pedal karts are suitable for people aged from 6 years upwards, depending on the length and the power of your legs! Children should be able to reach the pedals and have enough strength to get up the slopes. If children are too small it may be possible for an accompanying adult to take them as a passenger on one of the tandem karts.

Unlimited use of the Pedal Karts is included within the Full o' Fun ticket