Savings Banks Museum

Saving Banks Museum


Savings Bank Museum

Ruthwell parish bankThe original Ruthwell Parish Bank is now home of the Savings Banks Museum .This unique little museum is located in the 200-year old cottage which is the birthplace of the world savings bank movement. It is consistently described by visitors as 'a little gem' and 'an unexpected find'.

In 1810, the Reverend Henry Duncan began the world's first self-supporting savings bank, in the Ruthwell parish bank. Based on business principles, its aim was to help 'the industrious poor' to help
themselves, by encouraging thrift. saving Bank museum was so successful that the idearapidly spread.

The museum is located in the very room in which Duncan conducted the Bank's business every week. Parishioners could deposit as little as sixpence, and received interest when their savings reached £1 or more. Displays include original ledgers, a collection of money boxes and banking artefacts from around the world. In addition, the museum holds much information about the region's history

A Man of Many Talents

The displays also illustrate the remarkable life and achievements of the Revd Dr Henry
Duncan (1774-1846) - author and publisher, antiquarian, geologist, artist and philanthropist.

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